Modernize Industrial HVAC EquipmentGuide for HVAC OEMs

Whitepaper Introduction

The current state of industrial HVAC equipment is characterized by a need for improved efficiency, performance, and maintenance. There is a growing need for the modernization of these systems to address these issues and to improve the overall efficiency and performance of the equipment. This can be achieved through the integration of new technologies, such as connected asset capabilities, which allow for real-time monitoring, remote control, and advanced analytics.

Although, building and strengthening connected assets capabilities is complex and time-consuming. This white paper is created to help industrial HVAC OEMs to get started with connected asset management.

Whitepaper Table of content

  • The Current State of Industrial HVAC and the Need for Modernization
  • Technologies that Drive Equipment Modernization
  • HVAC Equipment Modernization Outcomes
  • HVAC Equipment Modernization Strategy
  • How Kemsys Helps OEMs with Their Connected Asset Roadmap
  • Success Story of Japan-based Cooling Tower OEM
  • Conclusion

    Modernize Your Industrial HVAC Equipments