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Experts in IoT Automation Testing

Kemsys provides Quality Assurance services across the entire Connected Product Lifecycle spectrum, covering QA consulting services, IoT QA implementation services, to end of life QA support services. Through our comprehensive suite of service offerings and best practices we ensure high product quality, operational excellence and agility to meet our customers dynamic and complex end to end solution testing need.

Product Testing

Kemsys QA team brings over decade of product testing experience across most challenging product domains covering Industrial, Medical, Energy & Utility, Consumer Electronics, Smart City, and Automotive. Our team can help customers through pre compliance testing and with strong relationship with world-wide labs conduct full product certification testing. We provide one-stop-shop covering all your product testing need covering:

Hardware Testing
  • Bring-up Testing
  • Design Validation
  • Functional Testing
  • Certification Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Product Variant testing
  • M2M /cloud connectivity testing
Firmware Testing
  • Interface Testing
  • API Testing
  • Board Support Package Testing
    • White Box Testing

    • Conditional Testing
    • Loop testing
    • Statement Coverage
    • Memory Leakage
Software Testing
  • Configuration Testing
  • SDK Testing
  • Web Application Testing
  • Mobile Application Testingn
  • UI Testing
  • Smoke & Sanity Testing
  • End to end system & integration testing

IoT Testing

The increasing number & variety of edge types, communication protocols, edge applications, connectivity choices, multiple cloud end points, and various web and mobile applications complicate end-to-end IoT solution testing. We at Kemsys offer our customers bouquet of services, accelerator and years of experience covering all IoT testing needs:
  • Edge virtualization
  • Edge UI automation
  • Device functionality testing
  • Peripheral certification testing
  • M2M/cloud connectivity
  • Interoperability testing
  • Network security testing
  • Network performance testing
  • Web/mobile functional testing
  • API/SDK testing
  • Load/performance testing
  • Partner cloud integration testing

Digital Testing

Our team offer DevOps integrated Digital QA practice with competencies cutting across Cloud Applications, Microservice testing, Native and Hybrid Mobile Applications, Audio & Video testing, BOT and ML model validation, User Experience and Performance Testing:
  • Web and mobile testing
  • DevOps in QA
  • Microservices testing
  • UX/UI testing and automation
  • Performance engineering
  • Cloud Testing
  • Bot validation
  • Big Data testing
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