Artificial Intelligence Services

Build AI-powered Systems, Software, and Hardware Products

• Machine Learning • Deep Learning • Computer Vision • NLP • Time-series Analysis • Generative AI

Our End-to-end Artificial Intelligence Service Offering

Empower your business with AI-driven innovation and sustainable growth. We offer end-to-end services tailored to meet your unique needs, from strategy development to deployment and ongoing support.


AI Strategy Development

Develop a clear AI strategy to harness the power of artificial intelligence and unlock new possibilities for your business.

Core AI/ML Development

Build and customize core AI/ML Algorithms to empower your business or products with intelligent solutions.

Big Data and MLOps

Ensure seamless data management and model optimization for unparalleled performance and growth.

AI Strategy Development 

We can help you build an AI strategy that empowers you to stay ahead of the curve and leverage intelligent solutions for long-term success.

Our AI Strategy Development service utilizes a four-phase approach to unlock transformative potential for your organization:

  • Deep Business Analysis: We collaboratively analyze your goals, operations, and challenges to identify high-impact AI integration opportunities.
  • High-Impact Use Case Identification: Our experts translate your goals into tangible AI use cases designed to deliver measurable value and streamline workflows.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology Selection and Integration: We leverage the latest AI advancements relevant to your industry, ensuring your strategy incorporates the most powerful solutions for a competitive edge.
  • Collaborative Vision & Roadmap Creation: We co-create a unique AI vision aligned with your overarching goals, followed by a clear roadmap to maximize AI’s potential and propel your organization towards growth and innovation.
Ai Strategy Development

Elevate Your Business Through Experts Driven AI Strategy

Technical Feasibility Assessment

Grounded and realistic assessment to identify potential roadblocks and develop mitigation strategies: 

  • Assess the data landscape, considering size, quality, diversity, and accessibility. 
  • Evaluate existing infrastructure for data collection, management, and analysis. 
  • Analyze available resources and skills, both internal and external. 

AI Vision Development 

Create a strategic vision that guides your AI implementation journey: 

  • Assess business needs for machine learning applications. 
  • Develop strategies for implementing machine learning solutions. 
  • Guide data acquisition, preparation, and model selection. 

Roadmap Development

Transform your vision into a concrete plan, prioritizing projects, timelines, and resource allocation:  

  • Achieve projected financial returns for each AI initiative. 
  • Avoid pitfalls, leverage optimal conditions, and gain valuable outcomes. 
  • Realize tangible value, whether it’s increased revenue, optimized operations, or enhanced customer experiences. 

Device Technology Provider Expertise

device-technology-providers-Hardware Design

Core AI/ML Development Services

Machine Learning Consulting

  • Assessing business needs and identifying potential use cases for machine learning applications
  • Develop a roadmap and strategy for implementing machine learning solutions
  • Guide data acquisition, data preparation, and model selection

Model Development and Training 

  • Develop custom machine learning models tailored to specific business problems
  • Conduct data exploration and feature engineering to extract meaningful insights
  • Train and fine-tune models using various algorithms and techniques

Model Deployment and Integration 

  • Deploy machine learning models into production environments
  • Build scalable and robust APIs or microservices for real-time inference
  • Integrate machine learning capabilities into existing software systems or applications

Data Engineering for ML

  • Designing and implementing data pipelines for collecting, cleaning, and transforming data
  • Build data warehouses or lakes to store and manage large volumes of structured/unstructured data
  • Develop efficient data processing and storage architectures to support ML workflows

Data Analysis & Visualization 

  • Creating interactive visualizations and dashboards to explore and present data insights
  • Implementing data exploration tools to gain a deeper understanding of complex datasets
  • Building custom visualization solutions for specific domains or industries

Data Annotation for ML

  • High-quality data labeling and annotation services to create labeled datasets
  • Support various data types, including text, images, audio, and video, for diverse ML applications
  • Utilize annotation tools (e.g. LabelStudio, CVAT, etc)

Model & Performance Optimization

  • Optimizing machine learning models for improved performance and efficiency
  • Implementing model compression, quantization, or pruning
  • Utilizing hardware accelerators or distributed computing frameworks for faster inference

Traditional and DL Algorithms 

  • Train ML models such as Regression, SVM, Decision trees, Random Forests, Ensemble models from scratch
  • Anomaly detection and time series algorithms for forecasting. 
  • Implementing state-of-the-art deep learning models such as CNNs, RNNs, or transformers using transfer learning

Natural Language Processing (NLP) 

  • Developing NLP models for tasks like sentiment analysis, entity recognition, or chatbot development
  • Building text classification or information extraction systems
  • Implementing language translation or text generation solutions

Custom Model Development

  • Custom AI ML models designed for precise alignment with your unique challenges
  • Leverage industry data and specialized algorithms for a market-specific competitive advantage
  • Rigorous validation and robust metrics for ensuring model reliability

Gen AI Solution Development

  • Build conversational and assistive interfaces for internal or external users
  • Develop GenAI systems powered by GPT 3/4, Llama, Mixtral, VectorDB, WordEmbedding, DSXL, Whisper, etc.
  • Implement LLM fine-tuning and end-to-end Enterprise RAG system

Computer Vision Solutions

  • Developing computer vision models for image or video analysis tasks.​
  • Building object detection, image segmentation, or facial recognition systems.
  • Implementing visual search or augmented reality applications.​​

Big Data and MLOps Offerings

Big Data and ML Ops

Unlock the full potential of AI with our integrated Big Data and MLOps offering. From data to deployment, we provide the expertise and support you need to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth in your organization.

  • Machine learning infrastructure setup and management
  • Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipeline development
  • Automated machine learning (AutoML) services
  • Model monitoring and retraining solutions
  • Performance optimization and scalability services
  • Data strategy and architecture consulting
  • Data ingestion and processing frameworks development
  • Data storage and management solutions implementation
  • Big Data analytics and visualization services
  • Real-time data streaming and processing solutions

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