Connected Industrial Asset Solution

Connected asset management is quickly making a name for itself in the industrial world. Connected industrial assets enable organization to monitor, manage, and access equipment.

With real-time visibility around equipment, its health, and its operational data, the connected industrial ecosystem supports various maintenance management processes, giving organizations an opportunity to optimize their operations.

But building and strengthening connected assets capabilities is complex and time-consuming. It requires agile and iterative development – something that industrial equipment manufactures don’t want to invest their energy.

Kemsys with its sensor-to-cloud digital transformation capabilities, can help such equipment manufacturers to utilize the technology to modernize their operations.

Our Services and Solution

Asset modernization

Off-the-shelf or custom sensors and gateway to make equipment connected

Health Monitoring

Near real-time visibility of equipment health and key parameters across locations

Dashboard Development

Custom dashboard to get insight what matters the most to you

Web/Mobile Application

Monitor, manage, and access your industrial asset anytime, from anywhere

Digitalize Operation

Transform service and maintenance operations with custom modules

Predictive Maintenance

Move beyond reactive maintenance, use operation data to go predictive

Advanced Analytics

combine historic and real-time data for downtime analysis and more scenarios

Digital Twin Simulation

Get deeper insights into an asset to predict efficiency, potential failure, and more

Horizontal Technical Expertise

Device Engineering
  • Hardware Design
  • Embedded system and software design
  • Industrial design
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Value engineering
Digital Engineering
  • IoT Services
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Mobility Systems
  • Remote device management
  • Machine learning Services
Quality Engineering
  • End-to-end system testing
  • Connectivity testing
  • IoT & Cloud Testing
  • Web/Mobile Testing
  • Test Automation
Proto & Bulk Manufacturing
  • MVP development
  • Quick prototype development
  • BoM Optimization
  • Any-volume Manufacturing 
key connected asset offering

Key Connected Asset Offerings

  • Custom gateway and sensor development 
  • Legacy Modernization 
  • Firmware Development 
  • Sensor fusion 
  • Equipment data acquisition system 
  • Cloud Engineering 
  • Real-time custom dashboard development 
  • HMI Development 
  • Equipment data as an API 
  • Predictive maintenance and advanced analytics 
  • Cross-platform application development (web + mobile) 
  • Testing and Validation 

Our Accelerator – KpiX, Industrial Asset Application Enablement Platform

KpiX Platform

KpiX is a platform built to enable connected industrial asset operations. KpiX has the capability to connect any equipment (legacy or modern) using IoT gateways and sensors. Here is how OEM uses KpiX platform:

  • Asset provisioning
  • Asset tracking
  • Condition-based health monitoring
  • Real-time visualization and dashboards
  • Smart contextual notification
  • Machine data as API
  • Seamless Integration across existing modules
  • User management
  • Automated Reporting
  • Predictive maintenance

Success Stories We are Proud of

The energy efficiency of cooling towers is one of the most critical factors of its success. We are happy to assist our client, an established cooling tower OEM with a complete remote monitoring solution in addition to achieving industry compliance and regulation.

We are helped our client, one of the top OEM of Hydraulic Boosters Compressor for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) applications, having installed base of more than 500 compressors across locations. Our solution helped to achieve maximum uptime and reduce Opex.

Compact Substations which are installed in highly populated locations need real-time condition monitoring to ensure safety. The OEM that has installed Compact Substations across the globe is able to monitor the health condition remotely on a real-time basis.

Modernize Assets, Digitalize Operations. Efficiently.