Broad Domain ExperienceBuilding out Cutting Edge Applications

Kemsys offer multi-year experience in key domains where IoT and Digital Transformation adoption are accelerating. We pride ourselves on creating comprehensive and industry-compliant solutions across these domains using our innovative and proven product engineering practice. We commit to accelerating your concept to the commercialization journey with reduced implementation risk and time-to-market.

Energy and Utility companies are seeing a major trend in making their devices smart by incorporating modern sensor technology, wireless connectivity, handheld, and cloud computing. Our team is fully equipped to assist our customers covering design, certification, market deployment, and third-party integration for market-ready utility products in geographies including India, Europe, and the USA.

Product Contribution

Single Phase Meter

Three Phase Meter

Smart Light

Energy Management System

Success Story: IoT Utility Meters

Kemsys has hands-on engineering experience in designing and developing industry complaint medical devices for monitoring, diagnostics, wearable health, and telemedicine. Our HIPPA compliant product engineering practice cutting across Hardware, Mechanical, Embedded, and Digital boasts a proven checklist, security, and design guidelines assuring our customers risk-free and faster time to market.

Product Contribution

Retina Viewer

Patient Monitoring

IR Thermometer

Medical HMI

Success Story: IR Thermometer

With the surge in digital transformation initiatives, the world of big appliances within industrial and commercial space has seen a big shift in terms of product development, with a focus on remote device management, telemetry data analytics, predictive maintenance, product usage analysis, and enhancing overall user experience. Kemsys brings IPs and deep expertise in Device and Digital Engineering covering Edge Computing, Gateway Engineering, Remote Device Management platform, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Cloud computing to offer stop solutions for our Big Appliance customers to build smart connected products and IoTify existing field appliances.

Product Contribution

Smart Beverages Solution

Industrial Safety Watch

Smart Switch

Industrial Tablet

Success Story: IoT Smart Beverage Machines

Asset Tracking, Asset Performance Management, People & Asset Safety Management, etc. are some of the most demanding IoT solutions needed by Industrial, Automotive, Logistics & Transportation, and Building Automation segments. We have our own solution well deployed in the market using the latest technology including BLE Module, BLE Beacon, LoRA Gateway, Cloud & Mobile Application to help our customers to track assets, people for performance and safety.

Product Contribution

Bike Telematics

BLE Asset Tracking

Safety Tracking Belt

Navigation System

Success Story: IoT Asset Tracking