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Device Engineeering

Kemsys device engineering Service influences all of our resources and partners to produce a complete solution. From initial concept through design & development to manufacturing, Kemsys can manage every aspect of the product development cycle.

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Digital Engineering

Kemsys Specializes in connected systems that gather, accumulate, and investigate data that originates from smart devices on the edge of your network. Whatever the device protocol, we can create loT solutions that onboard & manage your millions of devices globally.

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Quality Engineering

Kemsys provides Quality Assurance services across the entire Connected Product Lifecycle spectrum, covering QA consulting services, IoT QA implementation services, Digital QA implementation Services, to end of life QA support services.

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Proto & Bulk Manufacturing

Kaynes Technology is into EMS services space since 1988. Kaynes has vast experience in Electronic Manufacturing Services for varied applications. The EMS and our Embedded Design both are mutual complimenting service which adds value to our customers.

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Kemsys has invested time & money in making loT technologies & accelerators – that help customers in accelerating their digital transformation journey. Our loT IPs and accelerators help you bringing your loT solution fast to market. You can concentrate on your business solutions, while we take care of your loT needs.

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IoT Remote Device Management

For loT applications to deliver transformative business value, you need a scalable, dependable loT device management solution that ensures devices are up to date, secure, and accessible at all times.

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IoT Connectivity

Selecting the most suitable connectivity technology is one of the critical decisions that enterprises need to make in their loT launch strategy as connectivity is an important component in an end-to-end loT solution.

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About Kemsys

We are a 100% product engineering company; collectively along with Kaynes, we have over 1200 engineering folks operating from 8 state-of-art design and manufacturing facilities located across India. In the last 2+ decades, we have had many opportunities to assist Fortune 500 and successful start-ups to conceptualize, design, manufacture, and operationalize industry-transforming products & solutions.

Kemsys specializes in providing turnkey IoT product design services, with more than 80% revenue coming from it, in addition, we proactively invest in creating our own IPs with the aim to accelerate our customer’s time to market and reduce their implementation risks.

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