Digital Engineering Solutions


Gartner estimates over 80% of major organizations have adopted Digital Transformation as their key growth and change strategy, however, the majority of these organizations require experienced partners to support them at some stage through their ‘Digital-First’ journey.

Kemsys Digital Engineering offerings leverage the latest technologies including IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud, Media to improve our customer’s efficiency, value proposition, and digitally empower their end-user experience.

We bring a one-stop-shop for our customers looking for an end-to-end IoT and Cloud enablement solution offering. We pride ourselves to have comprehensive Remote Device Management IP and strong practice on two of the largest cloud platforms including Azure and AWS to accelerate our customer solution journey.

Our Digital Engineering Services

Azure IoT

Kemsys helps you Connect, Manage, Monitor, and Control billions of IoT assets with ease by quickly building and deploying secure, scalable IoT applications using the comprehensive Azure IoT portfolio of managed and platform services.

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Kemsys technologies help you build serverless IoT applications that gather, process, analyze, and visualize IoT device connectivity and activity data in real-time using the comprehensive AWS IoT portfolio of managed and platform services.

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IoT Mobile App

Kemsys specializes in IoT mobile app development and helps in personalizing your user experience. We make your machines more intelligent and let your customers control machines, wearables; gain great insight into their usage through mobile.

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IoT Web Application

Kemsys delivers enterprise & consumer IoT Applications, admin portals & dashboards- to support smart initiatives from diverse industries (home automation to industrial IoT) that can transform business operations and drive values to end consumers.

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Enterprise Mobility

Kemsys can help you to create mobile solutions that enable rich, engaging, and productive customer interactions and provide tangible end value to your business. Our team can provide native and cross-platform mobile solutions backed by industry-proven frameworks.

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Cloud Engineering

Kemsys can provide you with Cloud Migration, Cloud Modernization, and Native Cloud Design services for both private and public cloud deployment need. Our reliability digital engineering team can support you through DevOps and CloudOps service offerings.

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Digital IPs & Platform Expertise

Remote Device

Turnkey, future-proof, and secure IoT device management from the device experts


Drive your digital transformation by gaining insights from your connected devices


Helping companies choose the most suitable AWS IoT services to solve business problems.

Let us assist you with your digitalization journey.