Remote Machine MonitoringYour custom machine monitoring platform, ready to white label.

Sensor &

Kemsys offers plant wide solutions for all of your machine health condition monitoring and protection challenges. We have developed a fully managed machine monitoring solution including industrial grade electrical, mechanical, and other sensors, IoT gateway, Microsoft Azure-powered Remote Device Management Platform, and Web & Mobile Application giving 24×7 insight into machine performance, health, and usage.

  • High device utilization with reduced operation budget
  • Reliably monitor machine health in real-time
  • Early detection of machine abnormalities
  • Data-driven proactive maintenance management
  • Machine Learning based Predictive Maintenance

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    Customizable software according to your requirements

    Without optimal monitoring and real-time analysis, end-user can fail to deliver customer comfort due to unplanned failures, lower Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), and poor machine performance. Use our out of box machine performance & maintenance KPIs:

    Energy Efficiency

    Monitoring optimum consumption of energy

    Machine Performance

    Keeping an eye on cycle time & production count

    Production Quality

    Monitoring production quality of generated products or material

    Availability of Machine

    Monitoring machine uptime, unscheduled stoppages

    Condition Monitoring

    Monitoring critical parameters, i.e. temperature, pressure, vibration

    Maintenance Parameters

    Monitoring indicators like MTBF & MTTR

    Maximize the Machine Output

    Real-time Monitoring

    Integrated sensors & controllers to the cloud to perform real-time processing of critical parameters for assessing the current health & predicting the future health of the machine.

    Real-time Alarms & Alerts

    With real-time alerts and alarms, you can take instant actions to avoid unscheduled stoppages and losses.

    Predictive Maintenance

    Proven predictive maintenance models for machine operations covering asset health index, failure & alarm prediction, early warning system & recommendations.

    Increase Availability

    With continuous insight into critical operational and maintenance KPIs conduct proactive resolutions.

    Reduce Energy Losses

    Optimizing energy efficiency by identifying power leakage, power output, power fluctuation, and conducting bottleneck analysis.

    Diagnostic & OEE

    Intuitive dashboard to give holistic machine operation health information, history, and OEE reporting all in one place.


    Our Platform. Your Solution.


    Industrial grade wired & wireless precise sensors customized to retrofit with field-deployed machines

    Management Platform

    Ready-to-Use IoT Remote device management platform helping to Manage, Monitor & Control industrial assets

    Acquisition System

    Rugged IoT Gateway with expandable digital, analog IOs, with integrated data and connectivity stack

    ML Models &
    KPI Dashboard

    Mature Predictive Maintenance ML model and ready to use OEE and operation KPIs dashboard

    White label your customized machine monitoring solution!