Autonomous Mobile Robots Solution

Autonomous Mobile Robots Solution

In this digital era, most industries are looking for innovative ways to improve operational efficiency, enhance speed, and ensure precision with increased safety.

Many of these industries are turning to autonomous mobile robots to delegate monotonous tasks. These specialized robots understand and move through their environment to carry out predefined numbers of tasks.

These robots leverage sensors, compute, and traditional & vision-based ML/AI algorithms for navigation and task planning within the environment.

Kemsys with its sensor-to-cloud engineering expertise helps organizations design industrial and consumer mobile robots to automate monotonous tasks.

How Smart Robots are Addressing New-age Challenges?

Address labor shortages

A pandemic forced to decrease in the workforce availability for physical operations. Robots collaborate with personnel to fill the void and meet demand.

Deliver high-quality output

Smart robots leverage sensors, computer vision, and machine learning to avoid errors, solve complex problems and strategic initiatives.

Improve productivity and efficiencies

Various function-specific robots can work in sync to increase overall productivity with efficient operation and realigned workforce.

Become sustainable

Smart robots continuously improve towards the goal of reducing waste and energy, helping organizations reach their sustainability objectives.

Our AMR Solution and Services

Mobile Robot Platform Development

Scalable and reliable robot platform development to tackle a specific set of complex issues 

Control System Development

Software applications for controlling robots for various application specific tasks

Controller Application Development

Web or mobile interface for controlling the robots from anywhere using any device

Robot Monitoring System

Actively monitor robots for their health, availability, battery, and performance 

Connected Robots

Connect the robot with IoT to access and operate from anywhere 

Machine Learning

Combine imaging and sensor data to navigate through an environment with the power of AI 

Mobile Robot Testing

Functional and connectivity testing at the hardware, firmware, and software level 

Connectivity Protocols

Various connectivity protocol to work withing a connected ecosystem 

Horizontal Technical Expertise

Device Engineering
  • Hardware Design
  • Embedded system and software design
  • Industrial design
  • Design for manufacturing
  • Value engineering
Digital Engineering
  • IoT Services
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Mobility Systems
  • Remote device management
  • Machine learning Services
Quality Engineering
  • End-to-end system testing
  • Connectivity testing
  • IoT & Cloud Testing
  • Web/Mobile Testing
  • Test Automation
Proto & Bulk Manufacturing
  • MVP development
  • Quick prototype development
  • BoM Optimization
  • Any-volume Manufacturing 
Autonomous Mobile Robots background

Key Mobile Robots Offerings

  • Custom Electronics
    • Custom motor control and power control circuit boards 
    • Linear actuator and servo motion control 
    • Efficient Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) motor control 
    • Closed-loop motion control systems 
    • IR and acoustic sensor ranging 
  • Motor Control Devices 
  • Robots from concept to production 
  • Industrial And consumer specific robot development 
  • ROS-based product development 
  • Complex mechatronics systems 
  • AI-powered robotic software 
  • Integration with voice assistant devices 
  • Product testing and certification 

AMR Solution Across Various Industries


Logistics & Warehouse

Energy & Utility

Smart Cities

Home Automation

Automate Monotonous Operations, Improve Overall Efficiency with AMR