IoT Structural Health Monitoring

Infrastructure life span improved

Customer is the market leader in offering adaptive traffic management systems, junction intersection controllers, and bridge health monitoring solutions across India. They were monitoring some of the most important bridges & assets across India since long time. Their existing bridge monitoring solution contains (transducers, industrial grade vibration sensors, data loggers (DAQ), wired connections from DAQ to command posts setup on both sides of bridge. Desktops with 3rd party visualization software are setup in command posts, and command post personnel single job is to observe & monitor bridge vital parameters continuously.

The existing solution is clearly missing on very important feature – “monitor from anywhere”. Existing solution enables only ON-SITE data visualization. Hence, man-power intensive & cost intensive. Customer is looking for improved & cost-effective solution based on IoT technologies & wireless technologies, which shall power them with “Remote Monitoring” capabilities, and customer has chosen Kemsys as their IoT partner. That’s where Kemsys comes in.

Adding new dimension “Remote Monitoring” through IoTification

Kemsys has big challenge in hand. Customer had already done major investments, and we should reuse current infrastructure as much as possible. That to certain assets are in deep remote locations, where presence of any kind of public network (4G / Public LoRa towers) is a challenge. Hence, Kemsys proposed & implemented LoRa (private deployment) based retrofit solution.

Kemsys team has deployed in-house developed LoRa modules & LoRa Gateways in the field. LoRa modules are integrated with DAQs over UART, which collects vital statistics at regular intervals, and starts sending same to Microsoft Azure Cloud via LoRa Gateways. LoRa Gateway firmware is re-designed to route the packets to Azure IoT Hub end points.

Kemsys team has enabled data visualization through Site PC (by hooking to LoRa Gateway Hardware via Ethernet), through cloud applications. Kemsys team has used in-house developed “IoT Device Management Platform” & Admin Portals – to onboard, manage, and monitor these assets (Transducers, DAQs, LoRa modules, LoRa Gateways) from remote cloud. The feature sets include storing uplink data packets in time-series database, map-view of assets, and dedicated mobile apps for data visualization.

Kemsys team, known for disciplined execution & taking ownership, has ensured that key objectives (Reliability of the Solution, Cost-Effective, Manageability, Remote Connectivity) are met.

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