Kemsys IoT GatewaysDesign and Development

The Kemsys Internet of Things – IoT Gateways are essential for connecting sensors, devices, and other systems to the internet. With updates Over-the-Air (OTA), you can improve your system functionality by updating the software on your devices and sensor firmware. Our Kemsys IoT Gateways enhance the future scope of your product with features such as Predictive Maintenance, performance tuning, and Condition Monitoring, geofencing, remote monitoring, and much more.

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    IoT Gateway Development

    Our IoT platform is based on an automotive standard operating system that is compatible with most development strategies. Our IoT solution also comes with a robust library of software functions that enables rapid implementation.

    • Multi-protocol, IoT gateway development
    • Protocol specific native gateways
    • Mapping proprietary protocol to standard protocol (including BACnet, Modbus, HART)
    Re-engineering &
    • Re-engineering and maintenance of legacy gateways
    • Integration of proprietary and custom protocol stacks

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    Benefits of Kemsys IoT Gateways

    Optimized Operations

    Reduce asset downtime using highly secure, reliable connectivity and lower operational costs with easy-to-use remote management.

    Connecting Machines

    We help you network your machines and systems in a safe way with our IoT engineering capabilities, helping you achieve Industry 4.0.

    Reduced risk

    No compromise industry-leading security built-in at all levels, from physical security all the way to application-level security.

    Open Standards

    Our open software architecture gives you independence and peace of mind for the future. 

    Custom Applications

    Kemsys’ software solutions can be flexibly adjusted to your individual requirements and extended at any time.

    Ruggedized Design

    Our Gateways are built to withstand harsh environments and are ready to deploy at scale. 

    Tools and Technologies

    • Azure IoT Hub
    • Docker Container
    • MongoDB, Influx DB
    • Device Simulators
    • AWS Greengrass
    • Messaging queue (Platform Bus)
    • Connectivity protocols

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