Embedded Design Services

Power Optimization, Connectivity Redefined

Kemsys has vast experience in BSP customization & Power / Boot-up / Battery Optimization techniques, Porting into various platforms like Qualcomm, NXP(Freescale), Marvell, TI, Broadcom chipsets. OS porting services in Linux, Android and Windows10 platforms. Our team has strong experience in Device Driver Development & Porting services like Ethernet, HDMI, LCD, RS232/RS485 protocols, CAN-BUS interface protocol, USB device/Host interfaces, Flash drives, SPI, I2C drivers, LPDDR2/3 drivers, H.264/265 codec.

Our Capabilities Snapshot

Kemsys Embedded Software team supported 100+ projects in various domain and has key capabilities build through inhouse IPs and solution blueprints. Our capabilities expand from low cost device to high-end complex data processing edge applications design cutting across IoT applications.


ASIC, SoC, Mixed Signal, DSP, FPGA – PXA 2xx/3xx, i.MX6, TI OMAP3/4, Broadcom, Qualcomm Snapdragon

WiFi, GPS, GSM – 2G,3G, 4G, LoRa, Bluetooth BLE, Zigbee, NBIoT, Zwave, Ethernet

HMI Architecture & Development, Multi modal design experience, Technology – Android, QT, Flex, DirectFB

Sensor integration, Connectivity Protocols, Routing and Gateway/Edge algorithms & applications

Message Queue Telemetry Transport, Advanced Message Queuing Protocol, Constrained Application Protocol,        Light Weight Machine-to-Machine

Azure IoT Hub SDK, Azute IoT Edge,        AWS IoT MQTT, AWS Greengrass,        Eclipse Leshan, Eclipse Wakaama

Board Bring up

Kemsys Embedded software team has an expertise on Linux, Android and Windows CE based platform. We are capable of developing boot loaders for ARM SoC based customer designed board. Our team has in-depth understanding of ARM cores, memory architectures and other internal peripherals that helps to achieve faster boot up of new boards.

BSP Porting and Device driver development

Kemsys team has worked on various kernel version on Linux and Android, which provides easier porting of BSP from a particular kernel version. We usually adapt to the mainline kernel of a silicon vendor as reference to provide stable version of ported BSP. We have vast expertise on developing full fledged device drivers for following various peripherals.


  • MIPI DSI Display
  • MIPI CSI and USB Camera
  • Audio codecs
  • Video codecs
  • Storage like NAND flash and eMMC
  • Wireless connectivity like WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC
  • Interfaces like SPI, I2C, UART, USB and GPIOs
Kemsys Embedded software team also provides services on customization of Android Hardware Abstraction Layer for providing various non-default Android feature.

Application development – Mobile & PC

Front end application is the one that provides pleasing visuals for the users. Kemsys provides application development services for various domains like health care, in-car entertainment, smart wearable, GUI for Human Machine Interface and other industrial application.

Supports following framework based applications

  • QT based GUI applications
  • GStreamer plugin and applications
  • Android applications
  • GTK based GUI applications

Image sensor tuning services

Imaging sensors are the key sensors for any camera based devices for Medical, Automotive, Industrial applications. Camera sensors provide a raw digital image, with which no useful information can be viewed by user. The received raw digital image is pre-processed to reduce noise, enhance color, converting to viewable form, adjusting white-black level and further post-processing to provide pleasing image for visual or algorithmic analysis.

Kemsys has strong expertise on integration of camera imaging sensors to any embedded platform and providing services on ISP tuning & image quality.

Boot time and power Optimization

Most of the devices used in Automotive and hand held devices needs to boot faster with lesser power consumption. Here at Kemsys, we provide services on optimization of Linux and Android boot time through entire system analysis. Optimization model goes like this; getting the platform for which optimization has to be performed, get the current statistics and optimize it to achieve values closer to theoretical numbers.

OS Expertise


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