Hardware Design Services

Electronics Device Services from Prototype to Production

Kemsys has vast experience in embedded product development life-cycle in various platforms like Qualcomm, NXP(Freescale), Marvell, TI, Broadcom chipsets and various Micro controllers. Industry exposures spread across various domains including Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Mission critical Segments focusing on POS, KIOSK, Digital Signage, IIoT, BioMetric, Smart Metering, Surveillance, etc.,

Kemsys team has highest level of integrity and strong commitment towards the customer’s success. Kemsys is not just an embedded design services company. We go to extra mile on assessing customer’s requirements, differentiate wish/need and advises the customer on what is really needed. In that way, overall cost of the product, project duration sustainability of the product in the market is ensured. We believe, customer’s success is our success.

Kemsys expertise in hardware design services listed below.

Board Design Services

Design Tools – Cadence OrCAD, Allegro, Hyperlinx, Hyperthermal

Kemsys offer mixed signal hardware board design service for embedded microprocessor, microcontroller, DSP’s and all programmable devices. Development includes multilayer PCB layout, Signal & power integrity and other required analysis. Kemsys team experience on complex projects to make products compact, faster, reliable, efficient and cost-effective. We help our clients to prove the concept by building prototypes in very short turnaround time.

  • Architecture and Design
  • Component Selection
  • Design Review and Consulting
  • Digital Designs
  • FPGA Design
  • Prototype Design
  • Mixed Signal Designs
  • Display & Camera Designs
  • Wireless Designs
  • Battery circuits Designs
  • Embedded microprocessor Designs
  • Board Bringup
  • High-speed interfaces
  • Testing and Validation

PCB CAD Design Services

We offer PCB CAD design services for impedance controlled boards for mixed signal design with Digital, Analog and RF signals: placement, routing, signal & power integrity, layer stack-up and HDI (High Density Interconnect) PCB design experience for complex and very small form factor solutions with 0.4mm BGA pitch.


  • Library Management
  • PCB Layout Design
  • Signal & Power Integrity
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Design for Testing/Manufacturability/Assembly
  • Manufacturing Support

Extensive Device Platform Experience

Kemsys Hardware team brings strong experience in working across various device platforms powered by our semiconductor partners including MCUs, SoCs, NPUs, DSPs, FPGA, etc. We can offer optimized design for small form factor power and cost optimized MCU based design to complex multi device technology solution design.


High Speed Analog + Digital Board design High Speed ADCs, DACs, S/H circuits, filters…

High Speed Digital Board design with DDR4, PCIe, SATA, USB 3.1, MIPI-DSI/CSI

Board Design for FPGA, high speed SerDes, Power & decap analysis, Pin assignments, termination plans

Board Design for Multiple and Hybrid SoC which includes Audio and Video chipsets, Video converts, CODECs, baseband processors, Neural processors …

Application specific board design using Micro-controller units, battery operated, Low power, Low cost, form factor…

Wireless connectivity application board design using RF-FE, Antenna selection, Antenna placement, matching and tuning, RF switches, Baluns …

Device Technology Provider Expertise


Kemsys Core Expertise & Hardware Accelerators

We bring proven solutioning template and accelerators in space of device engineering to accelerate our customer’s concept to product journey and reduce their implementation risk. Our suite of core engineering blueprint and ready to use IPs are leveraged by many customers to successfully launch 100s of products globally.

  • BLE Module + Antenna with 5.0 Software Stack. The IP comes with Certified & Optimized HW & SW stack, with over 1+ million proven deployment
  • LoRA Module + Antenna with 1.0.2 Software Stack. The IP comes with Certified & Optimized HW & SW stack, with over 100K proven deployment
  • 4/3/2G ready to use reference IoT Module Design

Edge Processing
  • ARM M series MCU architecture template for mid size edge processing with optimal price-power-formfactor need
  • Secure edge processing framework incorporating cryptography, secure boot & communication, encryption – decryption
  • Board Design template for Multiple and Hybrid SoC which includes Audio and Video chipsets, Video converts, CODECs, baseband processors, Neural processors …

Power Design
  • Battery based designs templates
    • Applied in multiple market deployed products (Wearables, Handheld, Medical)
    • Proven methodology (HW & SW) to optimize the battery life
  • AC-DC (SMPS)
    • Proven template applied to multiple certified products – Street Lights, Smart Bulbs, Switches, etc.
    • Highly reliable design with circuit protection built-in
    • Best in industry efficiency SLA with thermal factors incorporated

Sensor & Control
  • BLDC Motor drive control IP, certified and mass deployed
  • Sensor selection, integration framework covering:
    • Pressure sensing
    • Ultra-sound sensor
    • Hall sensor
    • Temperature sensing
    • Voltage/Current for various application
    • Magnetometer
    • Accelerometer
    • Time of flite sensor

Turnkey Product Development

Kemsys Turnkey Product Development Service influences all of our resources and partners to produce a complete solution. From initial concept through design and development to manufacturing, Kemsys can manage every aspect of the turnkey product development cycle. Additionally, Kemsys can adopt the customer’s development process and guidelines so that integration with other internal customer efforts run seamlessly.

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