Device Engineering Services

IoT Device is in our DNA

Gartner has listed Autonomous and Empowered Edge as its top technology trend pick for coming years. The Device engineering is undergoing a systematic shift through introduction of advance technologies such as high-end processors, sensors, connectivity, and advance embedded software and device OS. The new genre of devices has created huge market opportunity for key sectors including Industrial Automation, Smart Home, Connected Healthcare, Automotive, Energy, etc.

Kemsys has multi-year experience offering our customer turnkey product engineering services. Our proven best practices and innovative IPs & Accelerators has helped many companies to launch industry transforming products.

Hardware Design

Kemsys has good amount of experience in embedded product development life-cycle in various platforms like Qualcomm, NXP (Freescale), Marvell, Texas Instruments, Broadcom chipsets and Micro controllers.

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Embedded Design

Kemsys has vast experience in BSP porting & Customization, OS porting services on Linux, Android and Windows10 platforms. Our team has strong experience in Device driver development & porting services.

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Mechanical Design

Kemsys expertise includes, Configuration Management, Dimensions, Geometric Tolerances & Risk Analysis, Jigs & Fixtures, Strap Clamps, V-Block, Rubber Stoppers, Cutting Speed Limitation, Mockup Solutions, Re-Mastering, etc.,

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