IoT Remote Device ManagementYour custom industrial remote device management platform, ready to white label.

Secure &
Inhouse IPs

You may be streamlining internal processes, modernizing your supply chain, or building devices for the global market. The loT device management service you select will be instrumental in ensuring the reliability, longevity, and interoperability of your loT devices and the extraction of trusted data from them. Several features are vital: secure onboarding, remote management, over-the-air updates, patching, and two-way client-server communication—throughout the device lifecycle.

Kemsys offers a customizable loT Remote Device Management Platform, ready to white label – which makes it easy to securely register, organize, monitor, and remotely manage loT devices at scale. With Kemsys loT Device Management Platform, you can register your connected devices individually or in bulk, and easily manage permissions so that devices remain secure, making them more resilient, reducing operational cost, and maximizing up-time.

Our Platform. Your Solution.Customizable hardware and software according to your requirement

Scalable as loT estate grows

Scale your device portfolio and management with ease, by simply extending to new devices and protocols as required.

Increase your operational awareness

Know what your devices are doing, so that you are aware of what is happening and are alerted of any unexpected anomalies for quick action. 

Secure and reliable integration

Secure devices using remote device monitoring, rapid deployment of security patches, and management of their credentials

Maximize device uptime

Increased knowledge of a device’s state combined with the ability to remotely manage and troubleshoot devices results in an overall reduction of device downtime and hence boost the overall productivity

Update and optimize devices

Device firmware and applications can be updated remotely to save time and optimize device performance. Additionally, reducing the number of firmware and application versions in the field will save technicians time.

Reduced cost of ownership

Remote management of devices reduces the amount of operational effort required to maintain the device estate. Operational teams can manage multiple devices as groups, reducing the time required to perform tasks. 

Single Stop solution to manage your loT devices

  • Manage lot Hub
  • Secure Device Onboarding using Symmetric Keys / X.509 certificates
  • Connect any device, from ultra-constrained to rich nodes and GWs
  • Configure and manage loT devices and Edge devices
  • Control loT devices
  • Firmware Updates Over the Air

Innovative Bridge between LoRa devices and Azure loT Hub

Kemsys RDM supports LoRaWAN network server integration with Azure. That means, your millions of Lora nodes that are connected to LoRa Network managed by Public Service Providers like SenRa, TATA communications, Things Network – can be extended seamlessly to Microsoft Azure loT, and send decoded message packets to Azure loT Hub for cloud-based processing, analytics, and other workloads. Alternatively, it allows sending commands from the cloud to the field Lora nodes.


5 Days to ROI

For every new technology implementation, it is essential to keep an eye on the turnaround time and ROI. The IoT solutions implemented by our clients do not only reap the benefits of improved efficiency and maintenance, they are seeing those significant results as early as within weeks of the deployment.

We are proud to have helped our partners in their digitization journey enabling better data-driven decision making. With advanced analytics and automation, the following results can be achieved,

  • Increased Production Efficiency
  • Optimized Machine Utilization
  • Full Data Visibility
  • Operator Accountability

Speed Up your IoT journey with Kemsys RDM Platform