KT-ST232: BLE Module based on BLUENRG-232


Kemsys Technologies KT-ST232 BLE Module is based on BLUENRG-232. The module can be integrated with various electronics for a wide range of end applications. Bluetooth low energy (BLE) takes less time to make a connection than conventional Bluetooth wireless technology and consumes ultra-low power than Bluetooth Basic Rate.

KT-ST232: BLE Module based on BLUENRG-232

  • “Blank” Module: User can Develop Own Unique Application Codes Based on BLUENRG-232
  • Cortex-MO 32-bit core with Ultra Low Power
  • 256 KB Internal flash
  • Bluetooth® v5.0 Specification
  • Ultra-low power BLE technology Radio
  • Programmable general-purpose PIO controllers
  • 10-bit ADC
  • UART, 2×12C & SPI
  • PDM stream processor


  • Bluetooth® v5.0 specification compliant
  • High performance, ultra-low power Cortex-MO 32-bit based architecture core
  • 24 KB RAM with retention (Two 12 KB banks).
  • 256 KB Internal flash
  • Support for Bluetooth v5.0 specification features
  • Master, slave operation and multiple simultaneous
  • LE data packet length extension.
  • SIG Mesh Support
  • Audio support: A digital filter is used to process a PDM data from MEMS microphone.
  • Up to 13 Programmable general-purpose PIO controllers
  • 2x Multifunction timer.
  • 10-bit ADC
  • DMA controller
  • Watchdog and RTC
  • PDM stream processor
  • Antenna: PCB Antenna
  • Transmit Power: +8dBm (at antenna feed)
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -96 dBm
  • Power Supply: 1.7V to 3.6V
  • Battery voltage and Temperature Sensor
  • Dimension: 23.5mm x 15.25mm x 2.7mm


  • HID: keyboards, mice, touchpads, advanced remote controls with voice activation
  • Sports and fitness sensors
  • Health sensors
  • Mobile accessories: watches, proximity tags, alert tags and camera controls
  • Smart home: heating/lighting control
  • Office and Mobile Accessories
  • Automotive Remote Control Smart Watches


KT-ST232 BLE Product Specification

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