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Automotive Industry

Kemsys Automotive Industry group offers product solutions for manufacturers from design to production with innovative, high quality and cost effective way. We provide solutions for advanced safety and comfort for passengers, developing vehicle maintenance, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, fuel management and health & safety management as part of fleet management systems with wireless and navigation technologies.

Our mature processes in multi disciplinary technologies with greater understanding of various automotive standards help us deliver a reliable automotive solution.  

The following are the product design and compliance solutions that Kemsys offers to automotive device manufacturers:

  • Automotive equipment Concept, Design, Prototype and Validation
  • Medical safety certifications - UL, TUV
  • Compliance engineering consulting
  • Evaluation/testing
  • Quality consulting
  • Pilot Manufacturing
  • Product Manufacturing
  • After Sales support

Why Kemsys

Complete Solution:

One stop solution for complete product development.

Product Testing:

Product testing as per automotive standards.

Product Manufacturing & Services:

Kemsys offers complete product manufacturing after sales support and service.