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Case Study

Android Development Group

ANDROID Port on i.mx233

Kemsys has successfully ported android on i.mx233 development kit platform.

OS configuration

  • Linux Kernel 2.6.28
  • Android Donut 1.6

Peripherals on devkit tested

  • Display LCD 4.3" 480x272 resolution
  • Resistive touch screen
  • Ethernet
  • SD/MMC card 2GB Transcend
  • Audio In & out

Kemsys Contribution

  • ANDROID customization
  • Driver customization for SDIO, LCD, AUDIO codec’s, UART and SPI
  • Ethernet driver customization
  • Power and Battery management customization


Kemsys successfully ported MPEG3/MP2- AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), MPEG4 Audio, H.261/262/263,MPEG 1 & 2, Speech Codecs based on ITU standards like G.711, G.723, G.729, and G.729a ported on ANDROID platform. These codecs are optimized and is available in soft form with relevant API (Application Programming Interfaces)’s.

Kemsys specialty is in developing Voice Compression Codecs delivering high voice quality at relatively lower data rates. These are implemented in Texas Instruments TMS320vc5416, TMS320vc5510, Analog Devices BlackFin 533, and Intel PXA 27x Controllers.

ANDROID based Medical Product Development

Kemsys is currently engaged in a medical device design based on ANDROID platform for one of its OEM customers.

Kemsys Contribution

  • ANDROID customization and porting
  • Hardware Development
  • Driver customization for UART and SPI
  • Ethernet driver customization
  • Power and Battery management customization
  • Complete Application UI design and development including HL7, FDA-XML compliant modules
  • Product testing and certification according to MDD and FDA specifications

Embedded Group

ANDROID based Medical Product Development

  • G.711 Vocoder,SPI/UART controller implemented in Hardware thru
    Lattice FPGA
  • Platform: Lattice ISPLever, Proprietary Compiler
  • Kemsys Scope: Design, Development and Testing

Handheld Data entry terminal with LCD Touchscreen interface

  • USB/Blue Tooth/GPS/GSM/GPRS Interfaces, User Friendly GUI
  • Platform: Linux 2.6
  • Kemsys Scope: Design, Development and Testing

GPS Tracker

  • Proprietary Processor
  • Cypress USB Host, Client /SD card/10/100 Ethernet /Audio 128MB SDRAM/64MB Flash
  • Rechargeable Battery and charger built-in
  • Platform: Linux 2.6/Windows CE 5.0/6.0
  • Kemsys Scope: Design, Development and Testing

Small form factor SBC (3x1.5cm)

  • For authenticated Access
  • Swipe card interface, Built in Battery charger
  • On board storage of Logs
  • Operates on Coin cell Battery
  • Ignition control
  • Platform: PIC Micro
  • Kemsys Scope: Design, Development and Testing

Based on Atmel AVR

  • CAN 2.0A/B Support
  • LCD /4x4 Key Pad/Audio Interfaces
  • Built-in GSM/GPS antenna
  • OTA GPRS based upgrades
  • Rechargeable Battery and built-in charger
  • Kemsys Scope: Design, Development and Testing

Regulatory & Testing

Medical Device CE Marking

  • One of our medical device manufacturers has developed first of its kind device – to treat osteoarthritis by tissue engineering, the cartilage re-growth and cancer by tissue de-growth.
  • Kemsys involved in getting the CE marking for the medical device
  • Kemsys Scope: Risk analysis, Regulatory testing, Technical file submission

IVD product design

  • Kemsys has provided software application development and integrated product solution for IVD applications with complete FDA 510K certification strategy.
  • Kemsys Scope: Design, Development, Testing and FDA 510k strategy.